Pollution defination
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Pollution defination

Definition of air pollution: the condition in which air is contaminated by foreign substances, or the substances themselves air pollution consists of gaseous. What is noise what is noise pollution introduction and definitions. Pollution is unwanted, harmful stuff contaminating an environment the race to develop clean energy is motivated by high levels of pollution that people fear are. Pollution definition: pollution is the process of polluting water, air, or land, especially with poisonous | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Advertisements: noise pollution: definition, sources and effects of noise pollution definition: sound, a normal feature of our life, is the means of communication. What is pollution basic definition: pollution is a negative/undesirable change in the environment, usually the addition of something hazardous or detrimental. Define pollution pollution synonyms, pollution pronunciation, pollution translation, english dictionary definition of pollution n 1 the act or process of. Definition soil pollution is defined as the presence of toxic chemicals (pollutants or contaminants) in soil, in high enough concentrations to pose a risk to human.

Find out what air pollution is what makes the air dirty and poisonous, and how air pollution can affect humans, plants and animals. The most appropriate definition of environmental pollution would be the introduction of different harmful pollutants into certain environment that make. Pollution 3 pollution: causes, effects, and solutions for today and tomorrow since people living in the twenty-first century have the likelihood of experiencing the. Define pollution: the action of polluting especially by environmental contamination with man-made waste also : the — pollution in a sentence. Looking for online definition of pollution in the medical dictionary pollution explanation free what is pollution meaning of pollution medical term what does. Pollution prevention as defined under the pollution prevention act of 1990 following passage of the pollution prevention act of 1990, the us environmental.

Definition of pollution in us english - the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects. Pollution meaning, definition, what is pollution: damage caused to water, air, etc by harmful substances or waste: learn more. Plastic pollution: plastic pollution, harmful accumulation of man-made plastic products in the environment.

Pollutants and sources the pollutants hazardous air pollutants, also known as toxic air pollutants or air toxics, are those pollutants that. Electrical pollution is electromagnetic-field (or em-field) energy emanating from electrical wiring. Advertisements: marine pollution: definition and causes of marine pollution definition: the continued degradation of the human environment has become a major con. What is land pollution land pollution is the deterioration (destruction) of the earth’s land surfaces, often directly or indirectly as a result of man’s.

Pollution is when something is added to the environment harmful or poisonous to all living things smoke or dust in the air is a type of pollution. What is noise pollution the traditional definition of noise is “unwanted or disturbing sound” sound becomes unwanted when it either interferes with normal. Pollution definition: pollution is something introduced into the environment that is dirty, unclean or has a harmful effect (noun.

Pollution defination

pollution defination

Looking for online definition of pollution control in the medical dictionary pollution control explanation free what is pollution control meaning of pollution.

  • Pollution from biology-online dictionary jump to: navigation, search definition noun (1.
  • Defining air pollution is more complicated than you think, but in all forms, it is a serious health risk that requires your attention.
  • Pollution: pollution, addition of any substance or form of energy to the environment at a rate faster than it can be dispersed or stored in a harmless form.
  • Define pollution (noun) and get synonyms what is pollution (noun) pollution (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by macmillan dictionary.

Pollution is defined as the bringing of unsafe or toxic substances into the environment, such as the soil, the air and water the act of polluting usually renders the. Definition of pollution in the legal dictionary - by free online english dictionary and encyclopedia what is pollution meaning of pollution as a legal term what.

pollution defination

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